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My Daughter's Boyfriend by Razia Khan (Essay)

 My Daughter’s Boyfriend
                                                                                                         - Razia Khan

Introduction :
                                Razia Khan (1936-2011) was a Bangladeshi novelist, poet, playwright, essayist and short story writer.At the age of fifteen,she wrote a full-fledged novel.She worked and taught for many years at the University of Dhaka.She was the recipient of numerous National literary awards like Bangla Academy Award (1975) and PEN Drama Award (1956).

Theme of the poem :
                                    The poem “My Daughter’s Boyfriend” talks about the transfer of a child’s affections from parent to lover and the emotions experienced by the parent on observing this.The speaker rethinks all the love and care that she had showered on her daughter and her heart breaks when she watches a stranger could easily take away her own daughter from her hands.

Strange Happening :
                                    The speaker says that she was experiencing strange happenings for the past few days,She hears pleading knocks on the door which creates a strong feeling in her mind that something bad will happen.when she opens the door,her daughter’s boyfriend enters the house,unnoticing her presence like a blindman he goes straight to her daughter ignoring her very presence.
“Through the frame ; that eyeless
Face,unaware of me,excludes
Me from every consideration”

Emotions of the mother :
                                           The speaker says that everytime when her daughter’s boyfriend visits,she feels a sense of disquiet.She feels that her own daughter is not her possession anymore,as she prefers to be with her boyfriend.
“The flesh of my flesh is now to be
Nothing to me any longer”

Real pain :
                                           The speaker recalls all the sleepless night looking after her sick daughter lying in her craddle ; all the labour pain and bringing up her as a girl,all seem to be nothing today.The omission of her by her own daughter is the most painful one and it really breaks her heart.
“Total omission is palpable”
                                            The speaker has several dreams about her daughter which is like a fragance that surrounds a beautiful flower.She also says that,how a thoughtless hand snatches the beautiful flower which is safely bloomed in the branches of the plant,likewise her daughter’s boyfriend takes away her own daughter so easily that too in the presence of the speaker.
“To be snatched of my branches
By a thoughtless hand”

                                           The speaker says these thoughts and happenings can never entertain her,As she felt an air of pride when she gave birth to her daughter,And now she cannot tolerate the pain when she watches her daughter with her boyfriend.
“When I first swelled with pride
With her in my insides”



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